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Sporting activities

Like so many breeds the Cirneco dell Etna has excelled in many disciplines since the introduction of reward based training. Unlike their Sighthound cousins they have been bred to work alongside hunters making them in many ways easier to train whilst still retaining the Hound attitude and pizzazz! 


There are many competitive arenas in the UK in which the Cirneco are showing their willingness, trainability and eagerness to work.

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

A great place to start from Puppy Foundation to Gold Award.

Cirnechi already completed and passed

Debbie McDonnell's Hadranensis Ardito  -  Bronze and Silver
Anita Panayotis' Hadranensis  Gioconda at Anamyha  -  Bronze and Silver
Sarah Connatty's Hadranensis Ulivo  -  Bronze, Silver and Gold
Michele Di Dio's  Kinabulas Forlani of Kuska  -  Bronze

Diane Clark's Hadranensis Vito di Deavanni  -  Bronze

Kirstie Austin's Kinabulas Ekanite   - Bronze and Sliver




Rally is the very latest dog sport to be recognised by the Kennel Club.  It's fun and no matter what level you and your dog may be at it's easy to get involved and start training and competing.

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of 'obedience exercise obstacle course' including simple exercises.

Sofia Gilljam and Knott (Laavakartanon Aurinkokuningas) Rally Level 4 and representative for the Welsh Team at Crufts 2018
(Knott in the photo)




The purpose of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to 'have a go' at some of the tests associated with competitive obedience but in a less formal competitive environment. It mixes the best aspects of obedience with the camaraderie found amongst breed enthusiasts, each Obreedience team must comprise of four handlers and four dogs of the same breed who take part in two rounds of competition including a round of heelwork performed together as a group and then four set exercises including a retrieve, a 'send to bed', commanding the dog to stop, and a scent exercise.


2016 saw the first ever Cirneco dell’Etna Team competing in qualifying heats the aim being to accumulate enough points to Qualify for the finals at Crufts 2017 which they did…


The Team competing at Crufts 2017 are Diane Clark with Hadranensis Rigoletto di Deavanni, Michele Di Dio with Kinabulas Forlani of Kuska, Pat Lawler with Hadranensis Vito di Deavanni and Sarah Connatty with Hadranenesis Ulivo


Hoopers is one of the UK’s fastest growing dog sports. This is a sport for both human and dogs of any age and ability (dogs must be at least 6 months old). It is a low impact sport with all of the equipment at ground level, ideal for all dogs who want to work and have a lot of fun.




A high energy sport  that Cirnechi absolutely love whether you wish to have fun at your local training Club or aspire to Competition .




The latest canine sport to becoming  popular in the UK . Basic search games involve teaching the dog to indicate where different scents are hidden . As a training activity, scentwork is fun, very rewarding and at the same time mentally tiring for your dog. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for the shy dog. You can participate whether it is just for fun, or go on and enter trials and gain qualifications.


Hadranensis Prince winning Entry Level Trail at The National Nosework Association February 2022

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