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Dog Shows

Before 2008 UK bred Cirnechi could only be shown in FCI shows. Dogs from the foundations litters whelped in the UK by different breeders have achieved excellent results on the continent, with two World Winners, two European Winners, several International Champions and an Italian champion demonstrating that breeding programmes in the UK are heading in the right direction.

In 2007 the interim standard was approved by the Kennel Club and the following year Cirnechi were able to enter in KC shows in the Imported Class Hound group. Imported registration classes have been consistently well supported by the breed usually outnumbering other breeds in the classes.

In 2013 for the first time Cirnechi were able to enter in the Imported Hound Classes at Crufts; out of 24 entries 20 were Cirnechi and the breed dominated the ring winning six out of the eight classes. BIR, BOS and Best Puppy were all Cirnechi. The same scenario was repeated at Crufts in 2014.

In 2015 the Kennel Club approved the transfer of  the Cirneco dell'Etna from the Imported Breed Register to the Breed Register and breed classes became available at KC shows from October 1st 2015.

In 2016 Crufts put on  breed classes for the CdE for the first time.

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